In a context of great uncertainty dictated by market conditions, Bertola has chosen to reinforce an automated line in order to plate aluminum. Through a controlled process, it is possible to carry out the treatment of copper - nickel - chromium on printed, forged, die-cast and gravity cast materials. Contact us for more information!


Bright chrome plating is not the only solution offered by Bertola Srl. It is in fact possible to vary the final color of the treatment while maintaining the same characteristics of aesthetics, brightness, functionality and resistance to corrosion. Glossy black, gunmetal, copper red and satin colors are available. The treatments can be performed on metallic substrates of copper, brass, iron, stainless steel and aluminum.


Our subsidiary company, HT ITALIA, has developed a high gloss black paint with an armored cycle approved by major car manufacturers. The painting can be done on iron, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic and allows resistance to corrosion, stone chip and pressure lance resistance, combined with a very attractive aesthetic appearance. If interested, you can contact us or contact HT Italia.


In the summer Bertola will plate samples in bright and dark trivalent chrome plating; the aspect related to trivalent chromium plating is very important, as the European Community should soon rule on the renewal of the authorization for the usage of Chromium VI; in addition to a new market share, removing Cr VI in the process is a great ecological choice. The trivalent bright chrome plating maintains gloss and corrosion resistance comparable to the hexavalent bright chrome. The trivalent dark chrome plating has a gunmetal color, with an interesting aesthetic and style.